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We can assist you in notarizing signatures for the following documents:

When it comes to Jurats, it entails more than just a certificate that verifies the identification of the individual signing the document. Unlike an acknowledgement, a Jurat is employed when the person signing the document needs to take an oath, affirming the complete honesty of the stated content.

Jurats serve to encourage individuals signing documents to uphold truthfulness and integrity. The role of a notary public agent in this context is to ensure that during the process, the individual's conscience is motivated, discouraging them from committing perjury or any other form of deceit. If an individual signs a document containing fabricated or false information, they would be committing a criminal offense by intentionally acting upon their deceitful intentions. During a jurat, the notary public agent must verify that the document is signed in their presence and that the individual signing the document takes a sworn oath or affirmation.

Jurats typically find application in legal proceedings, often accompanying depositions and affidavits. In both cases, the individual signing the document attests to their commitment to the honesty of their statement.


The services of a notary public agent are often sought for acknowledgment purposes, primarily to verify the identity of the person signing a document. During the acknowledgment process, the notary public agent certifies that they have not only met the individual signing the document but also successfully confirmed their identity. Furthermore, the notary must ensure that the individual is willingly and accurately completing the document, without any external pressure or influence. It's important to note that the notary public agent cannot be held responsible for verifying the authenticity of the document's contents.

While it is not mandatory for the notary to be present at the time of signing the document, it is crucial for the individual signing to appear before the notary service agent with appropriate identification documents. The individual will also be required to sign the notary's public journal. Once the process is complete, the individual will receive a certificate of acknowledgement bearing the notary's official seal.